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Religious and Spiritual Life

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Religious & Spiritual Life

Secular Student Alliance

Our goals are to:
• Establish a home for atheists, agnostics, and other freethinkers at University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
• Challenge believers in gods, psychics, and all other supernatural occurrences with arguments based on scientific evidence, logic, and reason.
• Continuously educate ourselves with regard to new scientific discoveries as well as established fields such as evolution.
• Continuously educate ourselves with regard to the beliefs of our opponents so that we may truly understand their arguments and speak from a position of knowledge.
• Present a positive view of atheism to the community.
• Establish relationships with other related organizations around the world to share ideas.
• Offer debates, educational workshops, guest speakers, movie showings, a book club, open discussion, and social gatherings for University of North Carolina at Charlotte students and the surrounding community.
• Keep an open mind!

Leadership Contact Info: 

President: Gabrielle Alsop,,, 980-875-0588

Advisor(s) Contact Info: 

Joanne Robinson,, 704-687-2888

Meeting info: 

Every other Wednesday. Contact Gabrielle for dates, times, and places.